Simplifying Forecast and Management Approvals

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Simplifying Forecast and Management Approvals

The Project

Metallurgists at a copper concentrate production plant conduct periodic production forecasting to drive business decisions. The quality of the forecast is qualified through an approval process, which was historically completed using an iterative Excel-email based workflow. Each forecast was saved in a separate spreadsheet, and on request for approval, forecasts were manually sent back and forth via email to the approver. This process created the risk of forecast files being duplicated or missed, errors being carried across spreadsheets, and inefficient iteration within the forecast approval process, which can consume the valuable time of operational personnel.  

Technical Solutions

WGA worked with site personnel to implement a smart workflow to calculate, store and manage forecasts and approvals using a more robust cloud-based AWS database all from a single Excel interface. 

The new database storage and approvals process is integrated into WGA’s previously developed production forecast modelUtilisation of the new process ensures all forecasts are stored in one secure and organised location. Draft forecasts can be selected and loaded back into the interface to review output or initiate the forecast approval. Forecast approvals trigger an automated workflow which notifies the approvers through a Microsoft Teams approval requestprompting the approver to load in and review the requested forecast before responding to the Teams approval. Conducting the approval through Teams, meant that approvals across the business are managed and traced in the environment preferred by the wider business 

Client Focus

Approved forecasts on the database can be easily accessed by other teams in the company that require the data to make business decisions.  

This user-friendly and smart forecast management and approval workflow frees the metallurgy team from time consuming iteration, and provides confidence in their organised forecast data.  

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Python 
  • Microsoft Power Automate 

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