WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Springwood Stormwater Management Plan wins Stormwater SA Award

Springwood is located at Gawler East, north of Adelaide’s city centre encompassing a site of approximately 219 hectares in area.  The project site was particularly unique due to its steep topography, a large existing quarry and a number of major services traversing to site.  WGA has been involved from project inception, and played a lead role in developing the site’s sewer and stormwater management strategies. 

Given that this site presented multiple environmental challenges and protection areas, it required innovative and progressive solutions to be employed beyond the normal realms of conventional stormwater management. In this instance, it was necessary to undergo a thorough and engaging process with government authorities (Stakeholders) to bring them on the journey of providing input into the master plan. This strategy achieves stormwater quantity and quality standards while also ensuring that post-development erosion risks will be appropriately addressed to protect and improve habitat values across the project.

This strategy considers a holistic approach that not only focusses on environmental protection, it will also provide the urban community with opportunities for nature-based recreation.

This project won the SA state Award for Excellence in Strategic or Masterplanning.

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