Social Impact

Leaving an impact on our world is not just what we do—it’s who we are. Embedded in our projects and local communities, we use our influence to make a difference where it matters most. Whether that’s education, well-being, supporting disadvantaged youths or not-for-profits, we put our money and energy in the right place.

Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

We are passionate about raising awareness and supporting not-for-profit organisations that lay close to our hearts. And it’s not all talk and no action, our people are active in the community using their Charity Leave to really help make a difference, where it matters most.

Diversity and Inclusion

At WGA, we strongly believe in creating a sense of belonging and a workplace where people want to be and stay.

Our Diversity and Inclusion workgroup drives action to improve diversity across our organisation, promote high performance and engagement, and make WGA a great workplace.

Our environment will be safe, diverse, and inclusive through our programs and initiatives. A place where different perspectives are encouraged and a place to show up and be who you want to be.

And, we will create enough space for people to thrive, professionally, personally, and psychologically.


At WGA, we believe in the power of our people to shape positive solutions.

Anchored by our core values, we have thoughtfully crafted our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan to proactively participate in and contribute to the vital process of reconciliation. Our plan is centred on raising consciousness, fostering genuine appreciation, and nurturing authentic relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Upholding the fundamental principles of Relationships, Respect, Opportunities, and Governance, our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan stands as the bedrock of our reconciliation journey, propelling our unwavering commitment to cultivating meaningful connections with Indigenous peoples.

Artwork by Sam Gollan, a Ngarrindjeri nation and Kaurna woman

Artwork by Sam Gollan, a Ngarrindjeri nation and Kaurna woman.

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