About Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

As we celebrate our 40th year at WGA, we are proud to have creatively and safely delivered engineering solutions for billions of dollars worth of infrastructure – from rocket launch facilities to renewable energy projects – from the most advanced sporting venues, learning and health environments – to transport on land, sea and in air.

We like to think of ourselves as one of the leading boutique engineering solutions firms across Australia and New Zealand. A company like no other – we are owned by employees, loved by our long-term clients, with deep roots in our communities. We work in the sweet spot, with the depth of expertise to bring the big ideas to life while remaining agile, innovative, and solution-focused.

Our purpose, vision and values are inherent in everything we do

By honouring respect, integrity and trust, we know we can help make the impossible possible.

How? Because we have done it successfully for the past 40 years and are determined to keep doing it better. The possibilities for the next era are endless through our commitment to our relationships, our people, our partnerships, and importantly, our clients.

Our Purpose

We care.
We design better environments for future generations.
We create a positive experience for our clients.
We empower our people.


We will be:
A sustainable business, daring to be different, creating meaningful connections and inspiring people.


Our culture is different, and it is paramount to everything we do. We pride ourselves on having fun and being easy to work with, placing people, their development, and a passion for solution excellence at the heart of our business. These sentiments are reflected in our core values.

We Are Our People

We create a workplace that supports our future; we offer flexibility and empower people to do their personal best for our clients and community.

We Are in This Together

We strive to develop long-term collaborative relationships with clients and partners built on respect, performance, honesty, and trust.

We Find the Right Solution

We are continually evolving to add value for our clients. We take pride in the quality of our technical skills, creating innovative solutions.

It’s not just the outcome; it’s the journey to get there.