WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - Photo: Dale Wakeling

Dale Wakeling Civil Technical Lead - QLD

In his role as a senior Civil Engineer, Dale has a keen interest in pavement technology stemming from his experience in transport and infrastructure-based engineering.

A member of the Institute of Traffic Planning and Management, Dale is focused on further developing his knowledge in road design and safety to find solutions to high-risk locations. An advocate for continuous improvement and refinement of current treatments and technologies, Dale has a particular interest in following the Adelaide University Centre for Automotive Research investigation methods of developing non-standard solutions at high-risk locations. He enjoys the complex challenges that present when working in an often round-the-clock environment, and cites the North South Corridor project as both a demanding but rewarding one. Dale worked with the project team to develop, innovate and elevate multiple solutions to the non-stop motorway and it’s connection to all crossing arterials within one fixed road corridor.

Throughout his career Dale has always looked for opportunities to further develop his expertise and cites his involvement with analysing pavements requiring rehabilitation by comparing the results of mechanistic methods with Austroads methods, as challenging yet satisfying. It is this engagement and commitment to continually improving the status quo that Dale finds most fulfilling. His dedication and ability to view projects with a holistic approach, and encompass design and constructability strategies, ensures that he provides clients with practical, timely and economical solutions to achieve outstanding results and exceed project expectations.

Driven by his enthusiasm for road safety and desire to work with local communities, Dale travelled to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 2009, where he trained indigenous PNG engineers to undertake road safety audits, and to define and report on road safety issues. He attributes this placement with providing him with the invaluable insight into challenges faced by developing countries where safety standards, systems and legislation are lacking. This unique opportunity firmly established his sincere appreciation for the “safe systems” approach to road and highway design embraced in Australia.

Looking to the future Dale would like to develop techniques to design and construct relatively low-cost unsealed roads and stormwater management systems in remote communities that properly manage storm water, and minimise damage to infrastructure and flooding to residents by containing and conveying high flows in high rainfall areas.

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