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Joel Brown Energy Lead - WA

Joel is a structural engineer with over 8 years’ experience and knowledge gained across a variety of large commercial and industrial projects. Having responsibilities which involve project management, structural design, supervision of documentation preparation, contract administration and quality assurance, his skillset spans sectors such as energy, ports and marine, sports and recreation, resources, and building developments.

Increasingly inspired by the complexities and challenges of projects, Joel thrives on continuously expanding his practical and constructive approaches to all areas of his work. His roles as Project Manager and Inspecting Engineer are underpinned by Joel’s open thinking strategy, as he believes this is an essential part of the workflow process when collaborating with and meeting the individual outcomes of stakeholders. Some of his most challenging projects have involved navigating the unique needs of numerous stakeholders with differing backgrounds, however, Joel cites that the outcomes of these experiences are the most rewarding.

Joel has an innate passion for the energy sector with Yandin, Coopers Gap, and Granville Harbour just some of the larger-scale wind farm projects he has worked extensively on. Leading WGA’s energy sector in Western Australia, Joel combines his technical skills, drive for excellence, and consultation and logistics management to deliver outstanding project outcomes in the design and construction of structural and civil components of wind farms.

A future goal of Joel’s is to be involved in a wind farming or energy generation project in a third world country, which would make a significant impact on local communities and industry. As a committee member of the Concrete Institute of Australia’s WA Branch, Joel is part of a large and diverse network that share their knowledge and expertise for the development of individuals and the industry.

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