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Mark Gilbert Consultant

From a family of architects, Mark was determined to be the ‘black sheep’ and explore career options. While studying engineering at University he was determined to gain other experiences, firstly as a printer and then leaving Adelaide to work with a volunteer group in Africa. Ironically it was this trip, where he helped build a medical centre, that would inspire him to develop his career as an engineer. Caught by the travel bug Mark would pursue work opportunities in London, Scotland and Norway gaining valuable large project experience building offshore oil platforms.

Driven by a passion for large-scale projects and through his role as Founder and Director of Wallbridge and Gilbert, Mark has made a significant contribution to South Australia’s built infrastructure.

Recognised as an expert in crane design, heavy lifting and haulage, marine structures and marine transportation as well as construction methodology, Mark fully understands the complexities of working in high-risk areas of heavy engineering. Through his expertise and knowledge of working with cranes, heavy lifting and heavy haulage, Mark has been able to significantly contribute to raising standards and safety awareness in the industry. The very nature of this specialised area makes one acutely aware of safety and Mark’s collective experience has enabled him to gain a profound understanding and appreciation for the importance of a methodical approach to large-scale projects. His determined foresight and belief that every project can be undertaken with a meticulous, analytical approach have helped forge WGA as a company who successfully executes projects that others can’t.

It is this fundamental belief that motivated Mark to become involved with the Clipper Ship City of Adelaide project. A truly cooperative engineering community project, Mark has contributed his skills and expertise to help transport the 150-year-old 450-tonne ship from Scotland to Port Adelaide. Mark cites this project as one of personal significance and one of which he will be delighted to see completed in the future.

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