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Yan Neo Energy Lead

Yan Neo has a passion for driving the transition to a sustainable energy future. As an engineer, he prides in his ability to make real change that helps both society and business.

Yan has more than twenty years of experience in the Energy and Resources sectors, working in QLD and SA. Before joining WGA, he worked in a national role in renewables and decarbonisation, educating and driving the energy transition for high emitting clients. He’s also committed to fostering great work culture, a skill he developed when growing a work unit from just a handful of people to a thriving multi-discipline team of 50.

Yan discovered the tremendous scope of an engineering career with early experiences in the Queensland mining sector, working in large scale engineering and construction environments.

Yan is a Chartered Engineer and Member of Engineers Australia. He is an avid video gamer and shares this enjoyment with his kids who love Minecraft.

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