2024 Victorian Architecture Awards

WGA AU | Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec - St George's Performing Arts Centre - Kneeler Design Architects

It was a big night for some great projects that we were lucky to contribute our expertise. Their strength in sustainability, community-focused design, and innovation was on full display, clearly a testament to the outstanding work that has gone into these projects.  Big shout out to our engineers who brought their A-game to these amazing projects.

The John George Knight Award for Heritage Architecture:

The vibrant St George’s Performing Arts Centre by Kneeler Design Architects took this award home. Housed inside the centuries-old St George’s church, the centre is a learning ground for the aspiring artists of the Performance Arts Program of St Michael’s Grammar School. WGA’s work on this project was a careful blend of smart solutions and conservation. Our team worked on the new tiered seating design, reinforced the heritage timber roof for theatre equipment, and crafted a civil design for the landscape.

William Wardle Award for Public Architecture:

The iconic Berninneit Cultural Centre at Cowes, Phillip Island, by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (JCBA) claimed this win. Coined after the local Bunurong word for ‘gather together,’ Berninneit is a purpose-built cultural and community centre designed to exhibit the region’s history and deep connection to the Country. Our work on this project was a game-changer, helping Berninneit earn the Passivhaus certification and making it the most environmentally significant building in the region.

Commendation for Educational Architecture:

The future-focused Dandenong High School Design and Technology Hub by Kerstin Thompson Architects received this commendation. The project is a fantastic adaptive reuse initiative rising from the transformation of an old gym and performing arts centre into a collaborative two-level learning hub that inspires design & technology studies.

Congratulations to JCB, Kneeler Design Architects, and Kerstin Thompson Architects for their well-deserved wins!

Image Credit: Kneeler Design  Architects