SA Water Solar Farms

WGA is providing engineering services for the design of solar farms as part of SA Water’s Zero Cost Energy Future program. SA Water is the provider of water and sewerage services to over 1.7 million customers in South Australia. The transportation and treatment of water and wastewater is energy-intensive, with the 2019 SA Water energy bill costing around $83 million.

To achieve SA Water’s goal of neutralising electricity operating costs, solar power systems are being installed at many SA Water sites. The aim is to lower operational costs, whilst also providing benefits to the environment, through the installation of approximately 242 GWh of solar generation and 34 MWh of storage across the sites.

We have been working with Enerven to provide civil, structural and geotechnical advice for the majority of the solar farms included within Phase 2 of SA Water’s Zero Cost Energy Future program. These sites include Phase 2 of the Adelaide Desalination Plant, Happy Valley Water Treatment Plant, Mannum Pumping Stations 2 and 3, the Balhannah Wastewater Treatment Plant and Murray Bridge Pumping Station 2.

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