Peter Dillon
Technical Expert

Dr Peter Dillion is a technical expert, highly respected for his achievement as the team research lead that provided the scientific foundations for the Australian Guidelines for Managed Aquifer Recharge, and to a framework for natural resources management policies for MAR, which are considered internationally pioneering contributions to practice. Peter continues to guide teams through research innovations and policy challenges, with a keen interest in the development of Australian water banks as a means of adapting to climate change and drought resilience.

Peter's career has spanned across Australia and overseas, which has significantly shaped the breath of his experience and professional development. A project in India that involved providing training to water resources managers was a great learning experience. Having to understand the basis for current policies and rationalise change strategies in a different cultural context has been a particularly influential experience with a lasting impact on the way Peter approaches his work.

Peter has worked on numerous projects with the European Research Linkage, water quality and clogging management for ASR in Victoria, and Improved village scale groundwater recharge and management for agriculture and livelihood development in India to name a few. However, he has also contributed vastly across the research industry where he has participated in Blue Lake Protection, Developing ASR opportunities (Melbourne), Australian MAR Guidelines, Implementing recycling via aquifers and drought-resistant town water supply options scientific evaluation.

Peter has led workshops and training courses in Australia and overseas, where his work addresses water quality barriers to water recycling for stormwater and treated sewage effluent, aquifer biogeochemical and physical processes, as well as policy challenges with individual governments. Peter’s knowledge and passion for development are evident in his team and individual work and has received awards such as the first UNESCO International Water prize in 2001, IAH Presidents Award for international contributions to groundwater science and its applications in 2009, AWA Water professional of the year Award in 2011 and the Water industry alliance chairman’s award for contribution to the Australian and South Australian water industry in 2015.

Peter's interest in exploration and drive for better systems, policies and understanding is reflected in his teams’ successes in this developing field. He was a founding member of the Water Recycling Network of Australian Water Association, a founding co-chair of the International Association of Hydrogeologists Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge 2001-2019, and a fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia. He serves on the Water Sensitive SA advisory committee, which aims to provide the evidence to underpin policy renewal for urban greening and stormwater management.

Peter's project experience includes: 

  • Improved groundwater recharge and management for village-scale agriculture and livelihoods in India – Technical specialist
  • Water quality management for Perth Groundwater Replenishment - Advisor
  • MAR and Stormwater Use Options – Research leader
  • MAR and Recycling Options – Researcher
  • European Research Linkage: RECLAIM WATER, SAPH PANI (natural systems for safe water), MAR-SOL;  Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, India and Australia – Advisor and Researcher
  • Drought-resistant town water supply options scientific evaluation – Researcher
  • ASTR- stormwater to drinking water – Research leader
  • Bolivar recycled water ASR - Research Leader
  • Andrews Farm stormwater ASR - Research Leader