Our People

Joint Managing Director Nick Lelos
Joint Managing Director Peter McBean
Director Damien Byrne
Director Nathan Silby
Director Peter James
Director Loreto Taglienti
Director Cameron Jackson
Director Luke Campbell
Director Adam James
Director Bede Rodeghiero
Director Andrew Woods
Director Rick Penfold
Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Board Andrew Schofield
Director Rory Hinton
Principal Electrical Engineer Vicky Vejo
Consultant Mark Gilbert
Pressure Vessel Inspector David Parker
Employee Relations Manager Susannah Davey
Group Submissions and Marketing Coordinator Steph Morley
QA Caroline Mosha
Senior Hydrogeologist Danni Haworth
Technical Expert Peter Dillon
Senior Principal Hydrogeologist Zac Sibenaler
Senior Hydrogeologist Clare Houlbrooke
Business Management Systems Coordinator Ingrid Cavallaro
Senior Project Manager Andrew Curran
Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer Roger Grounds
Senior Principal Electrical Engineer Andrew Iarossi
Senior Principal Project Manager Jude Teakle
Consultant Geoff Wallbridge
Technical Director - Structural / Temporary Works Greg Zafiridis
Principal Structural / Maritime Engineer David McKay
Principal Structural Engineer Michael Harnack
Principal Civil Engineer Matt Hurba
Senior Principal Civil / Traffic Engineer Heath Blacker
Principal Structural Engineer Sean Farrell
Principal Structural Engineer Stephen Inglis
Principal Structural Engineer Mario Macri
Principal Civil Engineer Alex Lloyd
Senior Principal Stormwater Engineer Giuseppe (Joe) LaSpina
Senior Principal Civil Engineer Chris Pay
Senior Principal Hydrogeologist Russell Martin
Principal Hydrologist / Regional Manager, New Zealand Bob Bower
Principal Hydrogeologist Brett Sinclair
Associate - Senior Civil Engineer Ryan Byrne
Associate Nick Deussen
Senior Structural Engineer John Clancy
Associate Craig Blandford
Associate Mark Winter
Associate Peter Flood
Associate Simon Abboud
Associate Tony Wagner
Associate Chris Lindner
Associate Den Heggie
Associate Jason Zafry
Associate Matt Crosbie
Associate Michael Smith
Associate John FitzGerald
Associate Michael Villani
Associate Neil English
Associate Tom McFarlane
Associate Simon Elliott
Associate Andrew Brown
Associate Colin Hill
Associate Stephen Goddard
Manager Industrial Rodger Weste
Operations Manager / Principal Civil Engineer Brenton Clark
Senior Electrical Controls Engineer Julian Kovacic
Senior Civil Engineer Dale Wakeling
Senior Geotechnical Pavements Engineer Jason Leach
Senior Civil Engineer Emma Hendy
Senior Civil Engineer Andrew McLeod
Senior Civil Engineer Will Orille
Project Manager Carmen Selway
Senior Geotechnical Engineer Brenton Harris
Principal Mark Gobolos
Principal James Wehr